Loveee this pic <3

My Bitchhh :)

I hate that I cant help the person I love most the way that she needs to be helped. I hate thats she needs me and im not able to be there for her. Shit hurts, its truly hurts. Its getting to the point where my words arent enough for her anymore, and I wishh I was theree to give her more than that , give her everything she needs . Smh but I lovee her ; w’ ALLmy heart, thats all I can really give her right now. I know she beleives me , I just hope her knowing that, is enough to keep her going for now. Smh

  • it SUCKs seeing the person your in love with Hurt.

MMW <3 ; Over EVERYthinq ! .


i love food and i love sex,

that doesn’t mean i want to combine them.

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Whenn we hadd sex I was in a Mercedes, &i aint crazyy BUT if thats my baby then we gon’ have to namee the baby mercedesss

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I haventtt been on tumblr is 316652542641 years. Sheesh, I think its time I get back onnn it .

when someone is EXTREMELY excited in the morning.

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To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but to be loved by the one you love is everything

Babeee & I <3

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that moment when your teacher just finished lecturing the lesson and you’re like

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